Author who thinks Moldovan women do not respect themselves, but is she right to think so?

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Moldovan women do not respect themselves. Whom should woman be to stay at 3 am on the intersection under the traffic lights for 15 minutes waiting for a foreigner? He told her he will pick her up at 3 am, so why did she come at 2.45 am? In this case she has to wait for him. And while she is waiting, he is in the bar, trying to pick up girls and asking for their phone numbers. Who is this man? This man is 50 y.o. man from Italy. He comes to Moldova “on business”, as he calls it. This was not the lady who works for money. Definitely. It was an ordinary girl who seems to be picked up at nightclub. In pursuit of a dream that he would love her couple of times, and then get married and will take her away to Italy, she apparently was ready to wait not only for 15 minutes, but until the morning. Arriving in another country, Moldavians always brag that Moldavian girls are the most beautiful. And in response often hear: “And affordable!”

What makes Moldavian women to be girls at the crossroads? Lack of money? Despair? Laziness? The answer is simple: self-doubt. It is taken from Moldavian girl since childhood. And then they grow beautiful, but not adapted to the way how to use this beauty. Moldavian women do not know how to respect themselves.

Coming from a godforsaken hinterland, Moldovan women dream of a beautiful life, trying to get to it at all costs, and at the same time they do nothing to reach their goal. Such girl buys cosmetics for the last money, bright dress, new shoes and scratching to the nearest nightclub, hoping to find her prince – sponsor.

And she finds 50 y.o. Italian man, who is not averse to have a good time. He leads her to a cheap restaurant, then in a cheap hotel, and the next morning, she can not understand why he stopped calling her and struck her number from the phone book.

So back to my question. What still pushes Moldovan women to “Italians”?

1. The desire to have better life

Moldova is a poor country. It is not able to provide women with well paid work. But most of Moldovan girls do not look for the job that much. What then should those women do? Right! Hang on the neck of a rich foreigner. Seduce him in the pub, spend a night with him, get pregnant and tell him the truth, demanding that now he has to content the child and her.

Sounds like not a bad plan. But foreigners are not idiots. They are only foreigners. Have you ever wondered why they are so fond of Moldovan women? Not only because Moldovan women are beautiful. For the most part they are cheap. They are able to drag on themselves products from the Central Market in four bags and in the teeth if there is no car. After coming back from work, Moldovan wife cooks, cleans, maintains the house, does laundry, and then, falling asleep she manages to fulfill her marital duties. You must agree it is very convenient. Such a program: “serve, clean, cook, love and do anything or he will leave you!” inherent in Moldovan girls by moms and dads since childhood. This is not American or European women, who have assert their rights throughout the world.

Now imagine Moldovan girl still got married to a foreigner and drove away with him overseas. Strange city. No friends. Does not know anyone except for husband. And what the Moldovan woman is without her husband, in foreign country, even if in her own country she really worth nothing? And what if husband would lost his interest in such Moldovan wife?

Men are attracted by women who represent something to stand out from the vast sea of cute Moldovan girl faces. Expressing themselves, they attract not only attention, but also the respect of others. And if your man respects you, would he let you hang around at the traffic lights in the night?

2. Competition in the market

Today competition in Moldova is more relevant than ever. Go to any glamorous bar on Friday night and you will understand how is it going. Moldova is a place of lots of beautiful women of different age, color and creed. They all want to find good husband. Dream. Are looking for him. And what is fun, most of Moldovan girls think if she grabbed her foreigner, it is necessary to have sex with him quickly, until another, more impudent girl did not take him away.

Now tell me which man does not have hunter instinct from birth? Any self-respecting lion-man will seek for lioness. And in more interesting way he achieves her, the more he is going to value her at the end. Only cowards and misers do not seek for lioness. Men are aesthetes by nature and they are looking for an exclusive. And will not exchange the proud beautiful woman on affordable and self-doubt one. And if they will, be sure they return in some time to win “this proud girl”.

3. Age

Moldovan proverb says: “We guys, are like expensive wine, over the years, becoming only better. And you girls are like oysters. Well, until fresh! ” No one tramples against the time. And yes, girls should be afraid, but only to some extend. Dooming themselves in fear, the girls eventually begin to jump at anybody, just not to be alone. And it’s very sad. And it is even more sad when a man feels women’s fear and uses it. The most important thing in a girl is her inner state. Happy, freedom-loving, sweet girl can come without make-up in the company, where sit a lot of beautiful ladies with make-up and wearing evening dresses, and at the same time to win the attention of all men. She is sure that she is beautiful. And if you, ladies, got into your head that after 40 you do not deserve anyone except for the janitor uncle Vasya, what you expect from a foreigner in this case?

4. Fear of being alone

Chisinau is the rave city. Go to any disco and carefully watch a small gaggle of girls sitting at the table, in the hope that they will be picked up by someone. They are cheerfully smiling, joking, nervously correct hair and systematically scan the room. However, for a moment, if you look good, you can see the fear in their eyes. It lasts for a moment. Almost imperceptible. It is the fear to be left alone.

There are no book in the world, which would explain to us how to be happy. There are no books where Moldovan girl could find all the answers. She has to learn everything in practice. How to deal with the guys, how to find a common language with people. How to build own future. And, of course, such girls lose. They do not understand what is right and what is not.

And then appears personable foreigner who is able to take care, to say nice words. Maybe that’s him, a man who is going to become your destiny? Your happiness? But now, tell me, dear Moldovan women, why are you always looking for happiness in someone else? Why not first learn to find it within itself? Why Moldovan girls have never learned to be proud of books they read, of fact they travel a lot, are being healthy and beautiful? I encourage Moldovan women to love themselves all the time and while living with a man as well. When you respect yourself, you get respect from others. Man goes crazy with special women and he is ready to give her all his spare time.

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6 Responses

  1. ManInTheMiddle says:

    This is not acceptable! you cannot generalize and judge all mankind living in one spot. I am married to a Moldavian woman and she is the most respectful woman I have ever seen! she has masters degree, she is a perfect mom and a wife!

    • Marriage Moldova says:

      Thank you for reply. First of all, no one is trying to generalize here. In this article man described his personal experience and how he sees it. His opinion does not pretend to be the ultimate truth. We are for freedom of thoughts and speech and let people share their points on this website. However, there are many other articles which express both: inner and outer beauty of Moldovan women and you are welcome to check if you would like to. In any case, don’t take what is written personaly as no one intended to offend you or anyone else. You should know the proverb: “Many men, many minds”- it suits here the best. By the way, you are eager to write your own article and share your great experience – let people know more good things about Moldovan women!

  2. Andrew McKinney says:

    I am in agreement I was a Hunter and I had much prey then I Found Jesus and now I find myself alone because all the women or just for the party just for the drugs just for the money it makes me sad is there really no great woman who respects herself and see I only look at 18 to 23 year old because me I still crave what is a good just lioness you speak of is she real or only a myth

  3. Karen says:

    Absolute rubbish….these are underage girls. Often trafficked into sex slavery. They have no choice or they get beaten up by their “Pimps” and raped. Sold and sold again across Eastern Europe. Google the statistics and get your heads out of the cloud. What young girl wants her passport taken from her and then threatened to be killed, or her family, to work as a prostitute (told they have the promise of a better job because they are very poor).

    These men are vile disgusting creatures and they can only probably get rich or have sex because they can’t find it naturally. Scum.

  4. Adam says:

    I agree 100% with Karen !!!!!
    First,I didn’t like this article,where the author,under the state of freedom of speech and bla bla bla,describes the Moldovan Women as easy preys and tries even to give advises to them on “How To Be.. “.
    The description he gave is JUST superficial and doesn’t go to the deep of the problem.He gave just the portrait of a “Night Out In Moldova”,generalising ONE case to the rest of ALL Moldovan Women.
    I’m not Moldovan,I am Belgian living in the UK,and knew,and know Moldovan Women,here and there in their country.NO ONE of them is disrespectful,NO ONE of them is an easy prey etc..They are WOMEN! They like to seduce and to be seduced like ALL women in the world and it is their nature to find a MAN for their life,as we,men,do!!!
    Poverty? Unhappiness…? Well..Is there any place,country in this world called HEAVEN or PARADISE? Problems are everywhere,not just in Moldova! Your statement,is just based on,maybe,your own POOR experience,treating people,women,in a wrong way.

  5. Carlos says:

    Hi my name Carlos from England I’m looking grl frd

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