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Features of Eastern European men on the example of Moldovan

Well, most often when it is going about international relationships of Moldovans, the first what comes up into mind, usually, is a picture of pretty aged foreign fiancé who is looking for pretty bride in some Eastern European country like Moldova, as there are many pretty Slavic type women, who would like to leave their country for America, Australia, UK or Italy, for example.

And what about Western women, who are tired of Westerners, who often are afraid to express their opinion? Western women, no matter how emancipated and feministic they are, need a ‘real man’. Very often woman does not express what she needs obviously, but she is waiting for man to do the first step and that happens very rare in nowadays Western society.

Man has natural given power to rule and this instinct is subconsciously hidden in genes. Not all Western women are feministic; there are many of those who need support of a strong man’s shoulder. But some have problems finding it.

And here Moldovan men are coming up along with the other post Soviet men and guys from Eastern Europe. Why Western women often choose Moldovan or Belarusian to live with?

Some Western man today look and behave very feminine. They are tender, gentle, like to cry if something is wrong. Eastern European man is not used to such an attitude. He beliefs real men do not cry, or cry in very specific moments. To survive and provide family in harsh reality of his country such a man has to be strong. He has to have some moral powerful principles and it means both: to be physically and emotionally strong. It does not mean this man is fighting all the day long. He has to be physically fit to make a lot of activities during the day; he has to be smart, in order not to be tricked by the smarter one. If the job is not well paid, he has to find another one.

Sometimes it is almost impossible to quit bad job, as he might not find another place of work but the family needs money all the time. Sometimes such a man has two jobs. And what is interesting, this man is gentle with his wife, adores her and their kids.

According to Eastern European philosophy, woman has some kind of special energy, which she is able to give to her man. Man uses this energy to achieve new goals in everyday activities and earns more. If he has this energy, he is able to do wonders, as everyday he gets unbelievable energy stream, somewhat we may call it inspiration. If balance is broken, the family is under the threat of ruining.

According to this rule, if Moldovan man or any other Eastern European  man finds strong Western woman, who possess a lot of such energy, he has a lot of “fuel” to use and provides that into life. Look at those Eastern European men who live with Western wives; those guys are successful, earn pretty much and make their wives the happiest in the world, as if everything is alright with energetic balance of man, he does his best to satisfy his woman in all cases and meanings.

Many Western women are happy they have married to Eastern European men; as such man is a subject of jealous for other women. If there is Eastern European man on the street, local men look like a deeply dark background.