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How to make good impression on parents of Moldovan woman

Each country has its own traditions and customs. Family traditions are also unique in each country. The traditions and customs of the inhabitants of the Moldovan land deeply rooted in the past, are sacredly preserved and passed down from generation to generation until now. If you want to start a family with a Moldovan woman, you must understand the way of life to which she was accustomed. One of main aspects in relationship for Moldovan woman is acceptance of future husband by her parents. How to make good impression on parents of Moldovan woman? If you want to know it, please, read below.

Hospitality is a distinctive feature of the Moldovan people. And this is typical for almost every Moldovan family. Guests are usually greeted with bread and salt and a glass of good home made wine. The customs of the Moldovan wedding are also primarily aimed at creating a strong family. When in Moldovan family a daughter marries, all customs are observed. There are even special mentors whom couple can always ask an advice.

Creation of new family depends only on the will of both in the couple and only they alone decide how to further develop their relationship. In Moldova there is belief that happiness of newly created couple depends on parents who give their parental blessing, organize a wedding, which will be the first step for newlyweds in their new independent family life.

The best development of a new family can only be if parents put as little pressure on couple as possible and do not fill them with their advice. However, this is possible only if the couple starts their life together in a separate house. For Moldovans, marriage is not just the creation of a new family, it is a perfect change of social status, when a person moves from single to married. If you decide to marry Moldovan woman, you better know that if your wife has no brothers, you will become main helper. If you live in Moldova with your wife in the village – you will help to run the farm, treat the father – in-law as a father and mother-in-law as a mother.

The main thing for the parents of the Moldovan bride will be the interests of property accumulation. Most of the problems in such families are related to the division of property. A distinctive feature of the modern Moldovan family is its active participation in collective production. Everyone works the same way today.

The family continues to be based on the principle of respect for the old parents, while taking into account the interests of all its members. In our days every manifestation of someones “main role” in modern Moldovan family meets the condemnation of society. Each member of the family feels being a part of the team, is aware of the fullness of own family rights and relies on the support of local society.

Therefore, if your future wife is Moldovan, then you should take into account all these features of local mentality and family traditions and norms.

Showing respect to parents is important. You may not really care about attitude of her parents towards you, but you have to keep in mind it is important to your Moldovan mate.

Be smiling, open and communicate on different topics. Try to omit the topic of religion and politics. The most important is to remember when parents see their daughter happy and when they see you make her happy, you are the reason of this happiness, they would appreciate you and you don’t have to do anything else just be yourself.

You also have to be confident, such a real man in eyes of her parents. They have to know you have stable income and you may briefly describe what you do for life or what business you have. For the first meeting bring some presents like chocolate and bottle of whiskey or some other good alcohol – usually this would be the bottle which is going to eliminate language and cultural barrier between you and her father. Her mother usually is gentle and hospitable woman and foreign fiancé of her daughter is already considered a good choice if the daughter feels happy.