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Myths you often hear about Moldovan wives

The world is running the way that the most popular person very often gets fast growth of his or her image with various rumors, gossips and myths. But this is relevant not only to a particular individual. Similar patterns can also be observed in the determination of one or another nationality. Always you will find hundreds of myths that have no real reasons for confirmation.

For example, popular myths about Moldovan women say they are known to be enviable wives. They are very beautiful, charming, diligent, loving and faithful. The women of this nationality have a very strong maternal instinct and they are ready to dedicate their whole lives to the upbringing of children.

Also, it is believed, Moldovan women know how to love and respect their husbands. They’ve grown up in a traditional family, where the father is the family breadwinner and the mother takes care of the house and the children. Traditional views on family life are inherited by the Moldovan women.

But despite these facts, there are various myths about Moldovan women, many of which are rather false and have nothing to do with the truth.

For example, such a myth that Moldovan women are very self-interested and dream only of wealthy husband who will help to solve all financial problems. This is an absolute lie! Moldovan women are usually very motivated and they want to achieve a lot in this life themselves.

Another myth is that Moldovan women like to pity their men and often marry losers. Perhaps, such situations take place, but rather this is an exception out of the rules. Moldovan women can not stand man’s sentiments and they will never choose a weak man as their companion.

Another myth – Moldovan women want to stay at home and rather to be housewives, but do not visit workplace in trivial understanding of this phrase. This is not true as well! These women are ready to give their careers up for the sake of the family, but this does not mean that they do not want to achieve their personal goals.

Another myth is that they marry only men of their own nationality. Perhaps, earlier it used to be so, but now there are a lot of mixed marriages in Moldova.

Do not believe in myths, stereotypes and subjective opinions, better become myth destroyer, showing others that Moldovan women are often not like they are described on the web, or check whether some popular points are truth or false yourself. Check myths yourself and spread the word!