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Why Moldovan women marry foreigners

Marriage migration phenomenon in Moldova has originated in the mid-90s. Now it is more than a trend. Every fifth wedding in Moldova is international. What is the reason for the popularity of such marriages and wouldn’t this turn into serious problem for Moldova in the future?

Moldova’s “wedding geography” covers more than 50 countries. And demand for overseas suitors is growing steadily. According to surveys, every third Moldovan woman does not hide her matrimonial intentions toward the West.

Is it connected with a “suitcase mood” or the desire for a better life, or the infamous “love knows no boundaries”? The number of Moldovan women marriages with foreigners is really growing steadily upwards. Official registration can take place both at home country of a bride and at groom’s home country, as well as in embassies and consular offices.

Many women marry foreigners in an attempt to solve their financial problems. But never forget that for any deception, sooner or later one has to pay.

Some think Moldovan women are choosing abroad primarily by the motherhood instinct. They want their children to grow up in better conditions than they would grow in Moldova. And this desire of Moldovan women is understandable. And if a woman marries a foreigner for love, how can anyone get in the way?!

Marriages with foreigners in terms of Moldovan legal regulation are more difficult that regular marriages. Although the Moldovan family law is fairly liberal in terms of conclusion and registration of marriages with foreigners. This requires only two conditions: a mutual desire and achievement of the age of majority.

Not only Moldovan women tend to find their own happiness abroad. More and more men from abroad visit Moldova to keep an eye on future wife. What are the causes of such a popularity and why Moldovan women seem better brides than their foreign counterparts? The main reason that attracts foreign men to Moldovan women is, of course, beauty. Moldova is located at the geographical crossroads, where there is a mixture of cultures, so Moldova is among the leaders in Europe by the number of beautiful women.

However, the phenomenon of “marriage migration” can be explained in terms of other aspects. In the US there are 8 million more women than men. In the former Soviet Union countries the situation is the opposite – there are 15 million more women than men! In America there is simply not enough women. Another point is law against harassment. In the US women literally see its manifestation in everything – even in compliments. American men are so intimidated by these criminal sanctions retribution that just in case they stopped to tell their women nice words at all. American women are very emancipated, cold enough and got calculated manners, they know their rights very well.

Therefore, Western men come to the place where they could find more simplicity. They are looking for romanticism– quality that is more than enough kept among Moldovan women. For the average elderly Texas cowboy a 5 hundred dollars on a flight to Moldova is not big money. In Moldova, by the well-known reasons, there might be many eager for marriage candidates.

Moldovan male representatives have a strong desire to give their wives advices, to indicate what wife has to do and it does not much bother themselves. Foreign man allows woman to be a woman – flexible, soft, economical. In such situation he gets pleasure from the fact of taking care of his wife. It seems most women who go abroad, certainly not chase for socal status. They agree to keep the role of a housewife, but Moldovan men often do not allow this to them.

Might be that foreigners are attracted to Moldovan women by their kindness. Offended by her husband and slamming the door, in Moldova woman can leave to her mother, friend, and there, in a foreign country, it is impossible. Women from Moldova are more kind, more vulnerable, more dependant abroad. Of course, Western men are attracted primarily by beauty of Moldovan women. With a minimum of money they can look good and impress. In the West, women are wallowed in feminism, often do not care much about their appearance, prefer universal style.