6 Myths You Might Hear About Moldovan Wives

The rapid growth in popularity is often due to a variety of things that contribute to this. Among them the main often are – rumors, gossips and myths. Women from Moldova are becoming increasingly popular potential brides for overseas men. The previously unknown country in eastern Europe is becoming increasingly popular on the radars of Americans or Britons willing to find wife of a dream. Many of them have already married a Moldovan woman and share their experience. The problem is that everyone’s experience is different, and information seekers are trying to bring everything, so to speak, under a common denominator. People are prone to generalizations, so life seems more understandable. However, this approach creates a lot of myths. Today ukrnetia.com gives some light on the most popular myths concerning Moldovan women.

Today we will try to understand what myths about Moldovan wives exist online. Which of these myths have well-founded facts, and which are just fiction that has nothing to do with reality.

Myth #1

Moldovan women are said to be enviable wives. They are very beautiful, charming, diligent, loving and faithful. Women of this nationality have a very strong maternal instinct and they are ready to dedicate their entire lives to raising children.

Assessment: more true than fiction. Many foreigners who have married Moldovan women claim that their wives are wonderful mothers. They spend much more time with children than husbands. They do it sincerely and faithfully.

However, it is also worth remembering that every woman is an individual. Realization of maternal instinct is not the only thing she dreams of. Every woman has other plans for self-development, hobbies and goals. Raising children together in a full-fledged family is just one of many goals on the path to self-realization.

Also, every woman has a good and bad mood, professional and personal ups and downs. Therefore, the behavior of all Moldovan women should not be idealized. At different times in their lives, they may exhibit different behaviors, including as a wife.

It is difficult to argue about the beauty and charm of Moldovan women. This is not a myth, but a stated fact.

Whether a Moldovan wife will be loving and faithful depends on the particular woman, her upbringing, environment, and outlook on life. Much also depends on her husband, the atmosphere in the family and so on. Therefore, you should not build myths here, and when choosing a wife from Moldova, hope for the best, not forgetting about the adequate analytical assessment of the situation on your part.

Myth #2

Myth 2 about Moldovan women

It is believed that Moldovan women know how to truly love and respect their husbands. They grew up in a traditional family, where the father is the breadwinner of the family and the mother takes care of the home and children. Moldovan women inherit traditional views on family life.

Assessment: more true than fiction. But again, there are a lot of nuances.

You can’t say that you will have a good family with a particular woman from Moldova. Nor can it be said that it will be so with the majority and otherwise with some. It all depends on your specific example.

Indeed, Moldova still pays a lot of attention to the traditional family. Many young families emphasize traditional family values – respect for the elderly, equality in the family, where the husband does harder work, helps his wife, and she in turn does what she does best. Everything is based on respect and mutual understanding.

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However, this is too ideal for the modern Moldovan family. It often happens differently. For example, a young wife does not want to spend most of her time with her family, but prefers her own career. The man plays the role of a partner, where they are engaged in the mutually beneficial exchange of certain values, and each derives certain benefits.

Indeed, this is also the case today in many Moldovan families. Therefore, looking for a future wife in Moldova, you should not idealize and dream of an ideal family with traditional values. In real life, everything can be completely different, a little different or very different.

Myth #3

Myth 3 about Moldovan women

Moldovan women are very selfish and dream only of a wealthy man who will help solve all financial problems.

Assessment: more fiction than truth. The vast majority of Moldovan women are usually very motivated, and they themselves want to achieve a lot in this life. For some Moldovan women, it doesn’t matter whether they pursue their goals as a wife or not. That is, for most such women, marriage is a complementary fact, not an end in itself.

Women who want to get rich by marrying a foreigner can also be found in Moldova, but they are easy to recognize. How to do this we can describe in detail in a separate article. The main thing is their obsession, trying to get in touch first, indulgence and so on. Most of these women try to gain a man’s attention in various ways, including through the use of strong natural instincts.

Myth #4

Myth 4 about Moldovan women

Another myth is that Moldovan women like to pity their husbands and often marry losers.

Assessment: more fiction than truth. Perhaps such situations do occur, but this is rather an exception to the rule. Moldovan women cannot stand a man’s weakness and will never choose a weak man as their companion.

It would be more correct to say that sometimes a Moldovan woman can marry a man with a weak character, but to do so for a specific purpose – out of material gain, out of guilt, pity, hopelessness or duty. However, a woman will almost never choose a weak man of her own free will. It is simply contrary to our human nature.

Even if such a family union becomes possible, more and more troubles begin to appear over time. The wife’s dissatisfaction becomes threatening. Constant scandals in the family are becoming a daily norm. The woman remains dissatisfied in all aspects of married life, and the man, feeling his complexes and low self-esteem begins to degrade himself.

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All this often ends in divorce, seeking satisfaction with other partners, complete lack of interest in your spouse, health problems and so on.

The truth is that a Moldovan woman chooses a strong and determined man as her marital partner. If it happened otherwise, there is a good reason for this that will most likely pop up in the future.

Myth #5

Myth 5 about Moldovan women

Moldovan women want to stay at home and rather be housewives, but do not attend work (in the trivial understanding).

Assessment: false rather than true. Moldovan women are often willing to give up their careers for the sake of their families, but this does not mean that they do not want to achieve their personal goals. We have already touched on this topic in one of the previous paragraphs.

A woman from Moldova who goes to work only for money will be happy to leave such a job and become a housewife after marriage, if her husband’s financial income will fully cover the family’s expenses. Such a woman is more inclined to quickly accept a marriage proposal.

A woman from Moldova who is self-fulfilling through work (work brings pleasure to her and benefit to people) is unlikely to leave her job for the sake of her family. She is not inclined to make impulsive decisions at the expense of starting a family. To obtain the consent of such a woman to marry, a man should make a lot of effort. Because of this, such women are the most attractive.

In the family, such women wisely allocate time, devoting themselves to children, husband, and their careers. For such women, all aspects of their lives are important. They value living in a complex where one aspect (such as family) cannot replace another (such as a hobby). Otherwise, they will experience disharmony, imbalance, lack of joy and irritation. And this is a threat that could even lead to a rupture of relations.

Myth #6

Myth 6 about Moldovan women


Moldovan women marry only men of their nationality.

Assessment: definitely not true. It may have been the case before, but now there are many mixed marriages in Moldova. It is not known where this myth about Moldovan women came from, but researching this topic, you will find a lot of similar information on the Internet.

Perhaps the point is that it is easier to communicate mentally, culturally and traditionally with a man from your country. There is also no language barrier. However, this does not mean that Moldovan women choose only their compatriots for marriage.

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Here, most likely, the main depends on the person. That is, the level of compliance of the individual with the expectations of the woman herself. If a foreigner in most respects will correspond to a woman from Moldova, she will choose him as a future husband. If a Moldovan man fulfills most of expectations of a Moldovan woman, he will become her future husband.


Do not believe in myths, stereotypes and subjective opinions, it is better to debunk the myths by showing others that Moldovan women are often not as they are described on the Internet, or check for yourself whether some popular opinions are true or false.

It is important to check most of the information that is important to you, if possible. Agree that everyone may have a different experience, which depends on many factors, so do not believe everything that others describe.

Checking the facts and debunking myths about relationships and nationalities from one’s own experience is always an interesting and exciting process. Yes, it can be difficult, time consuming, and sometimes unpleasant, but the results of your own experience can exceed all your wildest expectations.