Why Moldovan women prefer foreigners for husbands?

It is not surprising that more and more women from Moldova choose foreign men as fiance. However, it is not necessary to create stereotypes, of which there are so many. Each case is individual. Of course, there are general trends that are obvious. There are also common reasons that ukrnetia.com will talk about today.

The desire to have better life

Moldova is a poor country. By the instinct of natural selection, women instinctively choose strong men. However, in addition to instincts, there is also the mind. If a woman instinctively appreciates a man’s physical strength, then the brain tells her that times have changed and she needs to look at the situation differently.

Today, a man is considered strong, who can first of all financially secure the future family. Naturally, before starting a family, a man has a relationship with a woman. In fact, in this phase, the Moldovan woman checks whether the man will be able to play the role of head of the family, bringing primarily stable high income.

One should not make stereotypes and assume that all Moldovan women, without exception, are mercantile individuals who are only looking for rich men. Here it is a question of another – among two equally interesting men the attention of the Moldovan woman, most likely, will be attracted by the one who is successful from the financial point. This is natural and there is nothing strange in it.

A strong man is a financially secure man. A financially secure man is a secure future for the family and the survival of the offspring.

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Moldovan women know from their experience what poverty is and would not like to repeat the experience of living in poverty in the future, neither for themselves nor for their children.

It so happened that foreign men seem to be financially secure in the eyes of Moldovan women, even if this is not the case. Often such an opinion has nothing to do with reality, because a particular foreign person matters, not the country or origin.

However, it is logical that the average man from Germany or Sweden will be financially wealthier compared to local Moldovan men.

Does this mean that Moldovan women are more likely to choose foreign men as partners in a relationship? We make stereotypes again. And the real answer is: “It all depends on the individual.” Do not think that Moldovan women are just waiting for the arrival of a foreign prince on a white horse.

On the contrary, many Moldovan women choose local Moldovan men as lifelong partners and are happy in this relationship. When it comes to wealth or financial stability, there are many successful men in Moldova as well.

However, it is also true that foreign men in Moldova have a good chance at all among local women. All because of the spoken above stereotypes. But in this case these are already the stereotypes of Moldovan women about foreign men.


Many worthy men in Moldova are already married. Moldova’s population is aging and shrinking. In general, Moldova is a small country. Many young men from Moldova went to work abroad.

All this increases the competition for protentional husband among local women. As a result some women from Moldova often have to choose partners from abroad.


Moldovan women worry that they will not have time to find a worthy candidate for a husband before a certain age. They worry that with age their beauty will fade and no one will need them.

Such sentiments also prevail in society and the family, especially among older women. They constantly remind young women that they should get married while they have the chance.

Young Moldovan women often copy such patterns of behavior and repeat them without thinking about the consequences. No one has taught them otherwise, and they do not have enough awareness to think for themselves whether they need it.

Therefore, they can often get married by making the wrong choice. All because of haste and inability to listen to themselves or because of a weak character which recognizes the authority of others, but not their own intuition.

However, over time, this approach is changing. Much more young Moldovan women increasingly want to invest in themselves, study, develop their careers and are in no hurry to get married.

Fear of being alone

This fear lies in self-doubt. A strong and wise woman knows that she can always find a suitable partner. She is sure of this just as she is sure the sun will rise tomorrow.

Unfortunately, many Moldovan women are not like that. They are afraid that they will not be able to provide for their lives properly, and therefore subconsciously give the initiative to a partner. Without it, they cannot imagine their well-being.

Naturally, often a man from abroad is a man whom she can feel safe and comfortable with. As you can see, a specific society layer of Moldovan women is looking for men from abroad. If you are a man used to independent women who strive for a goal, then Moldova might not be the best country to look for a bride.

Foreign men themselves choose women from Moldova as wives

Women from Moldova attract foreign men with their upbringing and attitude to family life. It is about their devotion to own family and often limiting own interests in favor of the interests of the family.

This is a phenomenon that is almost impossible to meet among women from the West. Western women are more focused on partnering with a man and their own personal development.

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A woman from Moldova often devotes her time after work to creating comfort in the family – she cooks, cleans, buys the necessary things and products in the store. The man can go about his business or lie on the couch and the Moldovan woman will not blame him.


Many different factors influence why Moldovan women choose foreigners for husbands. There are economic, geographical and pragmatic reasons among them. Often the reason is a feeling of love, and sometimes stereotypes or even fears. Foreign men also do not stand aside and show initiative, because they know that the Moldovan woman is a treasure trove of traditional family values combined with an attractive appearance and intelligence.