General information

Typical Moldovan woman

Appearance of typical woman from Moldova has a lot of common with what you assume to be Slavic appearance and at the same time has some notes of Roman and Balkan features.

The appearance of average Moldovan woman might vary from tall blond with blue eyes to tiny and slim brunette with brown eyes, so you cannot standardize all Moldovan women under some typical stereotype.

If to ask how Moldovan women look in general, the best word which could describe them would be simply “beautiful”. As there are many common features between all Slavic women, and you might have heard about these features before, I’ll remind you the main of these features.

Typical Moldovan woman is pretty woman with slim figure. She does not spend the whole day in the gym, but according to genetics inherited and, probably, traditional healthy Moldovan food, she looks gorgeous.

Besides the appearance features, very important is inner world of the woman. Women in Moldova are intelligent and even though it is very poor country, most of them are trying to enter and graduate a university.

Beside such educational level of intelligence most of Moldovan women are street smart and because of not easy way of life since childhood, unlike Western women, are able to find way out of many situations, which for Western women would seem catastrophic.

Inner or, let’s say, spiritual world of average Moldovan woman is different for every personality, but in common, they are very kind women, whose ideals for life are happy family and strong relationship with beloved husband.

As for religious aspects, Moldovan women are mostly Orthodox Christians, but do not seem to be hard believers, especially those under 30. They might visit Church only on big holidays such as Christmas or Easter.

As Moldovan women are intelligent, it is interesting and easy to communicate with them. If you meet one on the street, you may ask her how to get to some place of interest and most of them would eagerly tell you what your route has to be or even give their free time and walk you to the place you need.

Besides being pretty and intelligent, they are very kind and keen on communicating with foreigners as it brings new live stream of fresh air into their routine life. There is common Western stereotype Moldovan women are naive.

Must say, for most Moldovan women it is common dream to find a good husband, who would earn enough to maintain the family and bring up children. As there is lack of such “descent” guys in Moldova, Moldovan women hope to find such a man among foreigners. But they do not understand that often average Italian or American comes to Moldova with very different aim.

In general, Moldova is a country of gentle, pretty, smart and kind women, and if you are able to appreciate that, one of these women could be a perfect spouse for the whole life.