Typical Moldovan Woman

Appearance of typical woman from Moldova has a lot of common with what you assume to be Slavic appearance and at the same time has some notes of Roman and Balkan features. This incredible beauty mix is not easy to describe in words. In today’s post, ukrnetia.com explores features of typical Moldovan woman. At the very beginning, we would like to notice that generalizing is not the best practice ever, although every nation has some unique features inherent to them.

The appearance of average Moldovan woman might vary from tall blond with blue eyes to tiny and slim brunette with brown eyes, so you cannot standardize all Moldovan women under some typical stereotype.

If one day you visit Moldova, you will meet many beautiful women of different ages on the streets. Here’s a blonde woman with deep green eyes crossing the road. In the shopping mall with creative name „Shopping MallDova” in Chisinau, in one of the boutiques, you will see a tall brown eyed brunette and next to her – her friend – short, with pitch-black hair and deep blue eyes.

At the table opposite in the cafe you will meet the eyes of a beautiful woman in her 40s. She will sit opposite, gently straighten her brown hair, drink her coffee slowly, and look at you with gray, enchanting eyes.

When you go outside, you will go for a walk in the park to meet a warm spring evening of Moldova’s capital. Slowly walking and looking around, thinking about something of your own, you will meet a beautiful woman over 50. Dressed in an elegant summer evening coat, she will walk next to her dog, shouting something loud to him and laughing.

Pretty Moldovan Woman

As you can see, it is quite difficult to answer your question “What is she like, a typical woman from Moldova” in one word. They are all quite different, but isn’t that great?

If you are still struggling to find an answer in one sentence, let’s say so – a typical stereotype about the appearance of a Moldovan woman is a medium-sized brunette with brown eyes. Althoug… we prefer the following description:

If to ask how Moldovan women look in general, the best word which could describe them would be simply “beautiful”. As there are many common features between all Slavic women, and you might have heard about these features before, we’ll remind you main of these.

Main features of typical Moldovan type


Typical Moldovan woman in her best age between 20 and 30 usually has slim figure. It’s not necessary she spends the whole day in the gym, but thanks to genetics inherited and, probably, traditional healthy Moldovan food, she looks gorgeous.

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With the appearance, everything is not so clear, because there are many age groups. It cannot be said that all women in this country are either slender or overweight. It all depends on genetic characteristics, lifestyle, diet, terrain they grew up and live and many other factors.

Moldovan Women from Chisinau Are Pretty

The more we try to make at least some approximate description of the appearance of a typical representative of Moldova, the more we realize that this is unrealistic. Yes, this is a difficult task, given that Moldova is not such a small country.

Summing up the appearance, it should be said that most women here are very beautiful, the vast majority are of normal weight or thin rather than overweight. It all depends on age, life experience (presence / absence of harmful stress), lifestyle and genetics. However, we can safely say that this is a country of very beautiful women.

Inner world

Besides the appearance features, very important is inner world of the woman. Women in Moldova are intelligent and even though it is very poor country, most of them are trying to enter and graduate a university.

Beside such educational level of intelligence, most of Moldovan women are street smart as well and this is usually due to not easy way of life since childhood. Unlike many Western women, they are able to find way out of many difficult situations. What for many Western counterparts would seem catastrophic, is often everyday routine for average Moldovan woman.

Spiritual world of Moldovan woman and attitude to the family

Inner or, let’s say, spiritual world of average Moldovan woman is different for every personality, but in common, they are very kind women, whose ideals for life are happy family and strong relationship with beloved husband.

Religious beliefs of Moldovan women

As for religious aspects, Moldovan women are mostly Orthodox Christians, but do not seem to be hard believers, especially those under 30. They might visit Church only on big holidays such as Christmas or Easter.

Communication with Moldovan woman

As Moldovan women are intelligent, it is interesting and easy to communicate with them. If you meet one on the street, you may ask her how to get to some place of interest and most likely she would eagerly tell you what route it is better to choose or even spend her free time and walk you to the place you are looking for (if it’s somewhere nearby).

Besides being pretty and intelligent, they are very kind and keen on communicating with foreigners, as it brings new live stream of fresh air into their usually routine life.

Are Moldovan women naïve?

There are common Western belief Moldovan women are naive. It’s hard to say using one line whether it is true. The same dilemma as with appearance – depends on the person.

For many Moldovan women it is a common dream to find a good husband, who would earn enough to maintain the family and bring up children. As there is lack of such “descent” guys in Moldova, some Moldovan women hope to find such a man among foreigners.

Sometimes in this often desperate try they do not understand, that, unfortunately, average Italian or American guy often visits Moldova with very different aim than marriage or serious relations.

Gorgeous Moldovan Woman

Additional features of Moldovan women

Positive attitude to life

Most Moldovan women, despite their often difficult financial situation and other related difficulties, maintain a positive outlook on life.

This is expressed in solving problems with ease, perceiving problems as a challenge in development, rather than a cause for disappointment and personal catastrophe.

A smiling, cheerful, wise, and at the same time determined woman is what fascinates many men from the first meeting.

The desire to achieve aim, go to the goal

Moldovan women of the new generation are quite ambitious. They often no longer consider a man the basis of the future family, so they aim at their own achievements in various ways. Many decide to go abroad and build a career there or develop their own business.

The interesting thing here is that such women are open to relationships, they also usually want to get married, but this is not their top priority. They are, so to speak, in a passive search for a worthy partner. If they find one – ok, no – they won’t be upset either.

The importance of family and relatives

We have reminded you about importance of family aspect for Moldovan woman in some previous paragraph, but now it is not about own family (husband and wife), but about parents, grandparents and other family members.

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Often the connection with the family is so strong that many Moldovan women return home from abroad, where they lived well and seemed to have everything they needed. However, as it often turns out – not everything.

Respect for elders

Quite often a Moldovan woman can put the interests of older people above her own. For example, give a seat to an older person in public transport. Do not argue with senior female colleagues at work and so on. Especially if it’s an older woman in the family. It is not accepted in Moldova to contradict her interests, argue or discuss in such cases.

Of course, different things happen. The younger generation often ignores the rules that have been formed in society for years. Some people consider their principles more important than the wishes of others, and this is their decision, which also has the right to exist. However, basically everything is as described above.


In general, Moldova is a country of gentle, pretty, smart and kind women, and if you are able to appreciate that, one of these women could be a perfect spouse for the whole life.