Common life with Moldovan woman – how is it?

Imagine that you have already read all our articles and this helped you to meet a conscientious, smart and beautiful woman from Moldova. You have already spent a few dates with her, you found out that you have common interests, you look at life in a similar way, it is interesting for you to spend time together. You’ve even thought about starting a family with her, but as of now it’s a question to postpone for later. Now the logical step is to live together under one roof.

What can you do to strengthen your relationship with a woman from Moldova after you start sharing a rented house? How to protect your own interests, but at the same time be sensitive to your girlfriend? What should you keep doing and what should you forget about after you start living together? Let’s talk about it today.

Should I continue to compliment her?

Should I continue to compliment her

Many men “surrender” after a few dates and perceive a woman’s affection as something they have already “won”. Such men relax, lose control and feel overconfident while the “competition” is not asleep.

Do not forget that your wife from Moldova is a desirable beauty for many and while you have forgotten about compliments and attention, others will redouble their efforts. At some point everything may change and you will be left alone. To prevent this, from time to time (along with other things) compliment your woman.

However, these are not the compliments that most have thought of. Some general words do not fit here. Standard empty phrases in the style of “you’re beautiful” cause at least a gag reflex. Women hate falsehood, so be more quirky and original.

For example, why not tell your Moldovan beauty something like “Wow! You are so seductive in this dress! God, I love it when you wear red! ”

Don’t make too many compliments and don’t be too careful. Women get used to this behavior and they get bored with such a man. Rarely said, but successful compliment will bear fruit. Frequently repeated phrases that glorify your companion will have the opposite effect – she will get used to them and will require you to repeat them more often, while not feeling pleasure.  

So keep your balance in compliments. The main rule is that it is better less often than never. But better less than often.

It is also very important to be able to choose the right moment for a compliment. It is best to say something nice when a woman is happy about something. For example, she got good news at work, and then you say what deep blue eyes she has…

Do you agree that it will be stupid when she focuses on her diploma project, trying to finish it by Sunday, and you will say what cool T-shirt she has?

Even worse, when she is upset about something, and you bath her with compliments that glorify her graceful figure. She may think that you are either completely inadequate or “you have only one thought in your head.”

She’ll not forgive you relationship with other woman

She’ll not forgive you relationship with other woman

Moldovan women are very devoted and demand the same from their man. The Moldovan woman takes betrayal very seriously and it will definitely end your relationship.

When a Moldovan woman finds her beloved man, she becomes a true support for the future family and supports her husband in any situation. Can you afford to cheat on her?

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Women of this country are particularly strong and bravely resist the difficulties. However, the pain of betrayal has serious consequences for the health and mental health of any woman. It is better not to start a relationship with a woman from Moldova if you have a tendency or intention to betray.

Pay attention to her nails

Pay attention to her nails

Men pay almost no attention to women’s nails. And this is a big mistake. Because Moldovan women do unsurpassed manicures to please their husbands even more (and to make other Moldovan women jealous of them).

For men, a woman’s manicure is a trifle. A woman from Moldova can spend several hours in the salon doing this manicure and thinking about her boyfriend/husband. She already imagines how you will pay attention to her beautiful nails. And you think about other things, you don’t pay attention and in the end she takes offense at you.

To avoid this, from time to time pay attention at least to the color of her nails. If it was a red manicure, and today it’s nails of different colors, pay attention to this. Tell her they look cool. She will appreciate it.

Don’t lose your sense of humor

Don't lose your sense of humor

Over time, the routine begins to destroy relationships, but not when you are able to joke, perceive the world positively and give people around you light joy. This also applies to your attitude towards your girlfriend/wife from Moldova.

Women generally like cheerful men with a sense of humor. Most often, humor helps to get acquainted and find a common language. You should not neglect this wonderful reception to establish a relationship even when you already live together under one roof with a woman from Moldova. 

Humor often helps to look at difficult situations, disputes or some disadvantages in a different way. If appropriate, you should use this nature-given “tool” to improve mood.

Of course, you should not try to joke if you do not succeed (although sometimes it can be quite comical). Remember that your woman loved you the way you were before, so be yourself and don’t try to joke if humor is not your strong suit.

Learn more about the culture of Moldova

Learn more about the culture of Moldova

No matter where you live with your wife from Moldova – in Moldova or in another country, she will be happy if you are interested in the culture and customs of her country. She will be happy to tell you about them, share her childhood impressions, and tell about her family.

Knowledge of traditions is a good way to better understand the mentality of Moldovans. Also, sooner or later you will meet her parents or grandparents, where you will need to know at least the basic traditions.

If in the future you get married and have a wedding in the traditional Moldovan style, knowledge of certain Moldovan wedding traditions will not be superfluous.

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If you live (or plan to live) in Moldova with your girlfriend from Moldova, then knowledge of certain traditions is simply necessary for you, because it can greatly facilitate your life in certain situations.

In most cases, Moldovan woman you are together with, will be flattered by your knowledge of the traditions and cultural values of her country. If you are not good enough in this topic, ask her with burning eyes and interest – she will tell you a lot about the traditions of her country herself.

Do not forget about your personal goals and interests

Do not forget about your personal goals and interests

A beautiful woman from Moldova, who became your life companion, is wonderful, but never make her the center of your life. A good partner is always a person with whom it feels better, harmonic and more fulfilled, but not the basis of your life.

If she is the basis of life for you and you can not be without her – wait for trouble. This is no longer a relationship, but an addiction. In this case, her disappearance from your life will bring unbearable pain, and putting her person on such a high pedestal you simply will not avoid losing her.

Trying to please a woman in all possible ways, the man becomes uninteresting to her. The more he tries for her, the more she will turn away from him. Do you need that? I think, no. Therefore, develop partnerships, clean relationships.

Develop in those areas and hobbies that you loved before you met her. Do not forget about self-development, about what you love, about yourself in general.

Keep a balance between personal life and your own interests, work, business, hobbies. Then everything will be fine. Such men are adored by women from Moldova.

Take care of your appearance

Take care of your appearance

It is true that a woman chooses a man subconsciously. If she likes you, you can not even try hard, and she will still pay attention to you. However, this is only at the beginning of the acquaintance. And this does not mean that you should look nice only on the day of meeting her.

Later, when you have already started living together, you should not relax. Do not forget to take care of yourself. I feel pity for people who want to look good to please someone else.

In my opinion, appearance is a reflection of how we treat ourselves, what thoughts we have and what we strive for. A man should always look good, regardless of whether he has a girlfriend/wife or not. Good looks are synonymous with health. This should be the basis of your own lifestyle.

However, there are men who look good before marriage, take care of their health and body, and then forget about everything. After marriage, they start eating a lot, drinking, forgetting about exercise and the importance of a sedentary lifestyle, and so on. Don’t become one, if you got what I mean. Anyone who is not affected with all mentioned above in this paragraph can safely skip this paragraph.

Don’t forget that Moldovan women are often in the middle of attention, they have many admirers, and you are not the only one among them. That’s why it is important to watch your appearance and especially your… hair.

Your woman spends a lot of time and money on her appearance. You have to “match” your woman – be competitively the best among other guys, who surround her, and you will achieve your relationship goals.

Be generous, but prudent

Be generous, but prudent

Money, although not the most important thing in life, helps to solve 90% of all problems. Money is the equivalent of our inner inclinations, efforts, diligence, creativity, as well as complexes, incorrectly chosen path, misunderstanding of ourselves and our needs and much more.

That is why if you have money, made for the benefit of others, it most likely means that you are doing everything right.

It is known that money likes to be in constant motion. However, this does not mean that you need to spend them constantly and thoughtlessly. Spend money wisely, for good and for joy. If you spend them, then let go easily.

If you choose the right woman from Moldova to live together, she will only help you increase your money. The right woman will direct your masculine energy in the right direction, which will increase your opportunities in work, business, creativity. 

Even if you have a lot of money, you should not spend it on empty whims. Money is the catalyst for the human essence. In particular, your own and your woman’s. With the help of money you can recognize the intentions of the person who wants to be near you.

However, perhaps most women still do not like stingy men. That’s why you shouldn’t be stingy. This is not only profitable due to one’s own psychological problems that can lead to loss of health, but also not due to losses in the field of love. Women leave stingy men much more often than others. In addition, greed symbolizes the meanness of the soul.

Remind her more often she is the best

Remind her more often she is the best

For whatever reason tell your Moldovan woman she is doing great and that she’s the best for you. There might be many non-pleasant life situations, but support of the closest person is one of the most important things. She’ll definitely appreciate your warm words towards her.

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Doesn’t matter if she is single-minded, slightly courageous and always achieves her goals – she still needs your support and praise for her achievements, sometimes your help, as well as necessarily cheering on failures.

If she sees your sincere support, then you will receive a reward: an excellent life partner, caring girlfriend/wife.

In any case, living under the same roof with a woman from Moldova, the most important thing is to create your little world in such a way as to be happy yourself and make her happy. Harmony and mutual understanding are the foundations of a happy human life, self-development and laying the foundation of reliable family values.